Noman D. Salih

M.Sc. , Ph.D. Clinical Immunology

I am Dr. Noman D. Salih, currently, a Lecturer at Komar University of Science and Technology.

I have received my Ph.D. degree from the College of Science (Al-Mustansiriyah University), field of study “Clinical Immunology” , and my M.Sc. degree from the College of Science (Al-Mustansiriyah University), Field of study “Animal Physiology”.

In addition, I have received another M.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology (Univerity of Malaya, Malaysia), field of study “Information Technology Management”.

My current research interest includes studies related to the areas of Immunology, Physiology, Histopahology, Medical Microbiology, Natural Products Chemistry, Pharmaceutical & Natural Drug Discovery.

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