Komar University of Science and Technology holds a symposium on documentation and photography in dentistry

On Thursday, March 2nd, 2023, Komar University of Science and Technology, in cooperation with Alsharaa Company held a symposium titled Documentation and Photography in Dentistry. The symposium was attended by Professor Dr. salahalddin Saeed Ali, the President of Komar University of Science and Technology, Professor Dr. Kawis Aziz Faraj, Vice President for student and academic affairs, as well as representatives of Alsharaa Company. During the symposium, Dr. Ubaydah Algailani, the coordinator of the dentistry department, gave a presentation on Accurate Documentation in Dentistry focusing on the different advantages of the process in the profession. Later, Dr. Ali Jalil, gave a presentation titled Photography Documentation in Dentistry: the Backbone of the Career. Following his presentation, Dr. Mohammed Talib gave a presentation on Esthetic Crown Lengthening. The symposium ended with a workshop about how to accurately do documentation of cases in dentistry.