Dentistry Department


A very warm welcome to the Students of the College of Dentistry at Komar University of Science & Technology (KUST). It is our great pleasure to receive the first group of students to this unique and well established College with a clear vision to reach a high standard dental education, to be a nationally and globally recognized leader for excellence in educational innovation, and with a mission of building a generation of highly qualified dentists who will be able to meet the needs of the community.

We are committed to provide the highest standard curriculum, and well qualified teaching  faculty and staff to achieve the objectives of establishing a pioneer dental education, as the College is offering a BDS degree upon completion  of five academic years (ten successive  semesters, through two semesters (Fall and Spring)  .

We are keen to help you in meet the academic requirements and work hard to be eventually a symbol of well graduated Dentists.  Your success is certainly matters to us, and we are here to help and support you to your ultimate educational and career goals.  Please be assured that we are geared to help you in your mission, and we encourage all students and faculties to form a very special community of success, be a family of excellence and enjoy a team work environment.


Professor Dr. Shanaz M. Gaphor

Ph.D in Oral Medicine

Acting Chairperson of Dentistry Department


Vision: The College of Dentistry at KUST is to be recognized locally and internationally for:

  • High standard dental education.
  • Dental and oral health services Provision for the community.
  • Research in the dental and oral health fields.


The mission of the College of Dentistry at KUST is to build a generation of highly qualified dentists who will be able to meet the needs of the community.


Establishment of pioneering dental education institution in the community and provision of distinguished services to the community on both national and international level; the college has set its objectives as follows:

  • To apply medical values and ethical bases in all aspects of dentistry.
  • To teach and train under and post-graduate students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become competent dentists in oral and dental health care.
  • To develop and update the dentistry curriculum to meet the contemporary needs of teaching and the community
  • To provide internationally recognized programs to dental graduates.
  • To provide up to date dental healthcare.
  • To provide modern research in the different fields of dental and oral sciences.