Why Dentistry?

  • The college program accomplish within five academic years [Ten successive semesters set as two semesters (( Fall and Spring))/ academic year] in addition to obligated summer enforcement training courses:
  1. First academic year: consist of basic sciences, capacity development, and linguistic level appraisal.
  2. Second year& third academic year: continuing basic sciences, introduction to dental sciences, general medical related sciences, practical, and preclinical sciences
  • Fourth & fifth academic year: dental practical and clinical practice

Summer enforcement training courses (Obligatory) are:

  1. First summer course (1st year graduates): general basic health practice → 4 weeks
  2. Second summer course (3rd year graduates): preparatory and preclinical practice → 4 weeks
  3. Third summer course (4th year graduates): Oral and dental clinical practice → 4 weeks
  • The curriculum is a Semester-wise program with about 200 teaching days/ year.
  • A standard graduation project (a scientific article) is required before graduation.

Admission Requirements

تەمەن كۆنمرەی وانە تایبەتەكان و ئەژمارکردنی کریدیت كۆنمرە دەرچووی بەشی ئامادەیی، پەیمانگا، ئامادەیی پیشەیی كۆلێج/ بەش
٣٥ ساڵ فیزیا+کیمیا+زیندەوەرزانی=  ٢٢٥ 90% ١-زانستی   پزیشکی/ ددان
٣٥ ساڵ 90% ٢- پەیمانگای تەكنیكی/ بەشی پزیشکی تەکنیکی ددان/دەرچووی دووەم لەسەر ئاستی هەرێم لە بەشی پزیشکی تەکنیکی ددان بۆ ساڵی دەرچوونی(٢٠١٧-٢٠١٨)
8,500,000 نرخ

Study plans and flowchart

  1. Graduation requirement : A minimum of 204 semester credit hours is required for students to graduate from the Dentistry department. These credit hours can be earned through taking different courses distributed over five academic years as shown in the Flowchart below. Courses are categorized into three groups; University, College, and Departmental courses as shown in the table below. Students must satisfactorily complete all the indicated courses in the curriculum shown below and satisfy all other university graduation requirements in order to obtain the BSc degree in Dentistry .

Credit Hours Requirements for B.Sc. of Dentistry.


  1. Flowchart